Weekly/Daily Events

Sunday 3pm central Hero Point Train

  • We alternate weekly between HoT and PoF.
  • A mount and gliding is required.

Training Raids announced in our discord and normally happen at reset.

  • Exotic level gear minimum.
  • A current meta build and semi proficient with the rotation. Why? Because there will be nine other players with you and most of those players don’t need training, they are there to help you. There are experienced raids to test out your funky ass builds.
  • DISCORD is required, you don’t have to talk, but you gotta listen.
  • You must have signed up on our discord #raid-signups channel

Thursday two hours after reset we do a Lake Doric leather farm.

Friday two hours after reset we do PoF Boss Bounties.

We love you Butch!

Saturday one hour after reset, Guild Missions!

  • Discord is encouraged but not a requirement.
  • We do the PvE missions.

Everyday we usually…

  • Assemble a squad for Tequatl 20 minutes before reset.
  • Three hours after reset, 9pm central, Orr temple farming.
  • We do strike missions at one and two hours after reset.