Guild Drama

“Our guild is drama free.”

     No matter how many times I see that phrase I still laugh to myself.   Brad here, and I want to address the D word.  I find that phrase funny because there has and never will be such a thing as a guild that is drama free.  Life itself is full of drama.  Drama means different things to different people.  Some people have different resistances to drama, others live only to create drama, some could care less and don’t even pay attention.  I have found over the years that some people would rather complain about their concerns to other players instead of to me or to someone in a rank designated to handle such complaints.  Now admit it, complaining to your friends about someone else is not only fun, but sometimes gratifying.  Everyone does it and don’t act like you don’t.  But if the complaint is so serious in nature it affects your views about our guild it would be greatly appreciated if we were told, not your friend, your dog, not even 911.  Only you can have your complaint heard about issues you have in our guild.  If you tell your friend and your friend tells one of us, it will be ignored.  I sincerely enjoy talking to everyone in our guild and if someone or something is bothering them I would hope said person is comfortable enough to say something about it to me/us.  Your name will never be revealed to anyone.

     There are many reasons we won’t react to something your friend tells us.  The first reason is purple monkey dishwasher.  If we react to something that has been twisted in the slightest way by your friend, it wouldn’t be fair to the defendant or your friend.  Secondly if your friend relays a message to us on your behalf, it could cause problems between you and your friend if the complaint was confidential.  So if you have a problem, get a screenshot and let us know yourself.  These steps will not prevent all guild drama, but it is a known contributor to the D word…and we at least attempt curtail it.