Reasons to Represent

    We will never have more than 500 members which is the maximum amout a single guild can accomodate.  We invite to our main guild which has the Lost Precipice guild hall.  Our PvP or WvW guild can’t be joined unless you are in the main guild.  The reasons are…

  • You will never see someone in one of our other guilds without knowing who they are.
  • Some in our guild enjoy talking with and making each player feel at home, so with seperate guilds full of players that seems impossible.
  • Representing a guild encourages players to speak up about certain things they want to do or what interests them. 

We created three guilds for these reasons…

  • Lost Precipice mission preference is PvE
  • Gilded Hollow mission preference is PvP
  • Windswept Haven although not currently used the mission preference is WvW
  • We leveled each guild hall’s gathering node specifically so we could farm the nodes in each one daily.  This gives us 24 each of lumber and ore, and 7 each of plant, leather, and cloth harvests per day.
    • Gilded Hollow synthesis output 2
    • Windswept Haven synthesis output 3
    • Lost Precipice synthesis output 4