Sheriff – To avoid the image of an autocracy we have six accounts in the guild leader rank named Sheriff throughout all three of our guilds.  Many of us have played and raided together since ’07 including other games such as WoW and Aion.  These players also donated the largest about of materials to the guild halls and helped from the very beginning.  

Event Commander– Perhaps the only thing you like to do is run fractals, dungeons, or raids.  Maybe you’re one of those players with 30 characters that have completed all the maps and would love to take a gang of guild members around doing so.  Maybe you like killing other players and spend your time in PvP or WvW and want to head up some teams.   If one of these is your specialty and you have leadership quality this rank is for you.  The members of this rank generally specialize in one or more of these areas and must be willing, at times, to take less skilled players along.  The members in this rank should be patient with those that are learning if things aren’t going as planned.  But patience comes with preparedness…meaning the members of this rank may or may not have requirements such as, certain gear or specs, and have confidence that the ones learning are following directions to the best of their ability without conflict.  So if this interests you, speak up and show us your leadership skills so we can slap your event on the calendar!

One Month, Three Month, Six Month, One Year, and Two year – Time based.

Recruitment – Players who can invite.

Trial – This is the rank you land in upon accepting the invite.  You get a few months to hang out here to see if you enjoy our company.  Upon your decision to join us as a member, let one of us know and if you rep us for two weeks you’re in!