Q: I’m new to GW2.  I like to afk in LA and post pictures of my dog in discord, is that acceptable?

A: Perfect, we have guys standing around just waiting to help new players.  

Q: I am lonely in real life and require constant entertainment on discord the entire time I am online… so, will you guys give me the companionship I desire?

A: Nope.  But who knows, anything is possible. 

Q: Are you guys PC?

A: Honestly, who cares, some of us may use Mac and some may use Commodore.  We don’t care about someone’s choice, just don’t force it on us.  

Q: What if I have a foul mouth?

A: Other than political and religious views, we don’t care what you say as long as you’re not a jerk about it.  

Q: But wait, I just made the sexiest character ever!  If I join you guys will everyone think i’m this sexy in real life and want to hook up with me?

A: Oh you think you are stink bait to the opposite sex and plan on releasing your pheromones all up in here… well, you best take yo booty over to Second Life because we are community first.  This ain’t no pick up joint.

Q: If I join the guild will I be allowed to beg from guild members or non-guild members?

A: No beggars.  Make your own gold, it’s not hard work, you’re probably just sitting on your butt right now anyways.

Q: Even if I only ask for 1 copper?

A: Again, no beggars.  We may be failures in real life, but at least we know how to make money in a video game.

Q: Hang on now, if I join the guild won’t I be required to donate my crap?  Seems like you guys are the beggars.

A: You will never be asked to donate anything other than your skills in killing. 

Q: What if I am so deeply immersed in politics and religion that I just have to share my views with the guild?

A: Having strong political views about the country you hail from is both admirable and responsible, as well as having strong faith is the finest thing a person can do for oneself.  But as stated earlier we keep the guild chat clear of that discussion.

Q: Will I be required to give you guys my cell phone number?

A: We use Discord.

Q: What do you guys do?

A:   Scheduled beginner and CM fractal training, Scheduled raid training friday nights, random experienced raids announced in discord daily.  Nightly Orr temple farming, Lake Doric leather farming, Guild missions on Sat… all the normal crap a guild should be doing.

Q: What about ranks?  The three officers in my current guild are the guild leader’s girlfriend, her best friend, the guild leader’s girlfrend’s best friend’s boyfriend.

A:  Our ranks aren’t cliques. They are simply based on time in the guild with the exception of Event Commander.  This rank’s members actually lead scheduled events and are veterans in the game.  Several know and play every class to a raid/ CM fractal level.

Q: Someone told me you guys have a hand gallery, is that for real?

A: Once again, the map chat gossip is true —>  Hand Gallery

Q: That Hand Gallery is pretty close to being art, but should I really believe that you guys have an aspiring media composer in your ranks?

A: That would be  KBDragon.8109.  Here is our official guild theme he composed for us.

Q: Do I have to be hazed or pass some epic test to become a member?

A: Since Anet removed influence it’s hard to justify representing a guild.  So if you mostly rep, you’re a member, if you never rep we will get sick of looking at you.

Q: Where do I find the application?

A: Application?  This ain’t a job, its a video game.  We don’t have a payroll or insurance.  We don’t have some guy critiquing applicants based on their sensitivity to a certain issue… besides, we are to lazy to keep up with all that junk.

Q: I have never been so impressed by a Q and A before as much as this one.  Who can invite me to this fine organization?

A: We always have guys afk’n in LA searching for something else to complain about now that GW2 has fishing.  So if map chat doesn’t get you an invite try one of these guys afk’n elsewhere…

Howdy its me Brad.6132

Huma Stonefist.9506






Hotdog bunsnatcher.5469